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If determined by our medical provider, you can then receive quality grade medication right to your doorstep or we can e-prescribe them to the closest pharmacy.

Let the doctor come to you. From Hormone Therapy to Acute Care, our medical clinic provides BOTH in-person and telemedicine visits. Easy access to exceptional care for a wide range of conditions in a secure, discreet, and ultra-convenient process.

Aging is a disease. The symptoms plague us all, yet the efforts to reverse them are minimal to none. Instead, we have been told to accept these symptoms of aging “gracefully.” Optimizing your health to allow for not only a long, but enjoyable life, is my passion.

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Optimize Your Testosterone And Transform Your Mind, Body, And Life

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And Be A New Man

This is our most comprehensive Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) program ever. Improve your overall:

How Do You Know If You Have Low Testosterone?

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Optimization

Utilizing Peptide Therapy
To Secrete More HGH

When you need the most trusted HGH peptide therapy for your health, connect with the experts at Icon Anti-Aging.

Male Hormone Therapy

Hormone Replacement Treatment (HRT) has always been a contentious topic. Some individuals fervently support the advantages of this Anti-Aging procedure. While others  believe that HRT can be harmful to their health, causing more harm than good. When it comes to Anti-Aging medicine, speaking with a highly qualified healthcare professional is essential in providing you the knowledge you required to answer any questions you may have regarding HRT and how it may enhance or impair your way of life.

What Is Hormone Replacement Therapy?
As we age and change, so do our hormones. This often results in a disproportionate or deficient level of hormones in our body amplifying the symptoms of aging. For this reason, hormone replacement therapy is a suitable treatment option for both men and women. While it is far more common for women to undergo hormonal changes later in life, men and women can both see benefits of being prescribed for my replacement therapy. While women undergo perimenopause and menopause, the reduction of progesterone and estrogen results in the undesirable effects of menopause, including hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and even a decrease in bone mineral density. The goal of my mom’s place in therapy is to offset or eliminate these symptoms in a safe manner, being overseen by a qualified and trained hormone replacement therapy provider. At various stages in a man’s life, he can experience decreases and testosterone levels, resulting in decreased libido, motivation, muscle mass, and desirable body composition. For these reasons, hormone replacement therapy is often utilized and appreciated by men to reverse the signs of aging and get back to their youth and vigor, they want experienced.
Pros vs. Cons Of HRT
Hormone replacement therapy can be confusing. Online research will give you plenty of information, but the most accurate details will come from your anti-aging medical team. If you have certain health conditions, HRT will not be recommended. Undesirable side effects of HRT could develop when taking the hormones. Women under HRT may experience symptoms like that of PMS, like bloating, headaches, nausea, mood changes, and so on. Your personal medical history, age, and family medical history will all impact the type of HRT your doctor may or may not recommend for you. The type of therapy you receive, as well as the length of the treatment and the way in which the hormones are administered will affect how your body responses to this type of anti-aging treatment. Every woman will react uniquely to HRT. It is natural to be wary of HRT, as you should be about any new form of medical treatment. However, when administered properly and for the right reasons, in carefully measured doses, and under the supervision of your anti-aging specialist, HRT’s benefits can outweigh its risks. Every patient’s risk factors, health history, and current state of health will be evaluated comprehensively before any HRT is prescribed.
A Healthy Lifestyle and Customized HRT
Plenty of people are in pursuit of the fountain of youth. Of course! Youth is coveted, beautiful, energetic, and full of life. It’s natural to seek medical treatments that can potentially improve your life and extend your lifespan. But what’s most important is finding products that suit your individual needs best. HRT comes in several different forms, including a patch, ring, and cream. Typically, the lowest effective dosage is prescribed so that the patient receives the greatest benefit with the lowest risk. Also important to HRT treatment are the other ways patients take care of themselves. Your diet, nutrition, level of exercise, management of chronic health conditions, and more can all contribute to the success or failure of HRT. Smart and guided choices make it possible for anyone pursuing anti-aging treatment to increase their chances of maximizing their state of health. Even if your anti-aging specialist determines that HRT is not the best choice for your anti-aging treatment, all hope is not lost. Natural hormone supplements may still be an option. The endocrine system and the production of natural hormones can be improved with supplements like magnesium and coconut oil. Your anti-aging doctor knows best. Don’t be afraid to ask your specialist about all of the options at your disposal to improve your efforts of anti-aging. Hormone replacement therapy can do great things for your quality of life. Contact us at the Longevity Health Institute in Rochester Hills, MI, to schedule your HRT appointment with Dr. James Lewerenz and our anti-aging team. Allow us to help you age gracefully.

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Hormone and Panel Lab Consultation

$3000 $500
  • 11 Point Lab Panel ($2500 value)
  • Lab review w/ Dr. Zayid ($500 value)


$149 / month
  • 2x Lab Panels Annually
  • 4x Virtual Visits w/ Dr. Zayid
  • Medication and supplies delivered to your door
    (incl. testosterone only)
  • Discounts on Semaglutide weight loss program

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Meet our Board Certified Medical Provider

Dr. Alex Zayid, MD

Preventative Specialist

Dr. Alexander Zayid, MD is a Board Certified Primary Care Physician through the American Board of Family Medicine. Dr. Zayid completed his training through Michigan State University affiliate Providence Hospital in Southfield, Michigan.

Amidst practicing primary & urgent care, Dr. Zayid is currently pursuing a double board certification in Medical Aesthetics & Anti-Aging and Metabolic Medicine with the American Board of Anti-Aging / Regenerative Medicine, pending completion in June of 2023.

Dr. Zayid has always had a special interest in preventative medicine from both a biologic and aesthetic standpoint. His goal is to treat problems before they arise by taking a proactive approach to screening and preventing disease, rather than simply reacting to a diagnosis. Dr. Zayid focused his preventative training in weight loss, aesthetics and Anti-Aging medicine.


What my Patients Say

ICON is expanding healthcare access for age management, sexual wellness, hormone therapy, weight-loss & non-surgical hair-loss treatments. Whether looking to treat a condition or simply looking to optimize your health, our knowledgeable staff will listen intently ensuring you receive the best care on the cutting edge of medical science.

The ICON approach is transparent and simplified for our patient’s convenience, there are no monthly charges and we have plenty of affordable options, ensuring all have access to non-traditional advanced medicine.

Transform your body and mind with advanced lifestyle solutions from ICON.


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